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After many years of legal disputes and production delays, L’Amour: Rock Capital of Brooklyn is now finally at the printer and scheduled to hit stores in June 2018. Pre-order direct from Rare Bird now and receive your copy up to one month before publication date, as well as a special companion paperback book of L’Amour: An Oral History (only available with this offer) shipped while you wait for the finished coffee table book to arrive.

About L’Amour: Rock Capital of Brooklyn

During the disco drenched year of 1978, 62nd Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn was home to L’Amour, a small, unassuming discothéque thriving on a local dance crowd. “Rock Nights” on Thursdays, when started, were brushed off as a bad joke. Polyester disco bouncers sporting the original ape drape and gold chains smirk with utter contempt at the long-haired freaks and burnouts wandering in off the street. In less than a year, blindsided by scores of disgruntled heavy metal misfits desperate for somewhere to see and hear the music that made them tick, the punch line of that bad joke swelled into a quarter-century long tsunami of hell-raising hard rock, heavy metal, thrash, and hardcore mosh pit mayhem that turned a faceless disco into the most famous heavy metal mecca the world has ever seen.

L’Amour: Rock Capital of Brooklyn is a large format book jammed with over 1,000 full-color photographs, ticket stubs, and memorabilia representing the rich music history of the Brooklyn venue. Hundreds of full color performance photos of the bands that hit the L’Amour stage are featured prominently in the book, as well as interviews with many of the musicians. Venue staff, club regulars, and show attendees have contributed slices of life at the club to the book. L’Amour: Rock Capital of Brooklyn tells the story in stunning images and words of the famous heavy metal venue and its important contributions to the heavy metal music scene. If you are a hard rock, hardcore, thrash metal, heavy metal fan, or just a music history buff in general, this book is a must have.

Featuring photographs by Ron Akiyama and a foreword by Jay Jay French.

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