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With the trade paperback original edition now available, we’re offering a very special limited edition hardcover version of The Performance of Heartbreak, available only direct through Rare bird, that is hand-numbered and signed by the author. Limited Edition of 100.

About The Performance of Heartbreak

A collection of ten one-act plays. With hints of Samuel Beckett, Sam Shepard, Neil LaBute, and Tracy Letts, Scott Caan grapples with the emotional interiors of people in a fractured world. Whether writing about actors, lovers, or co-workers, Caan takes on the complicated tension between what we say and what we feel, how we grapple with the world publicly and privately, and what that difference says about us as people.

Caan’s training as an actor imbues his words with a sense of play and the characters he leaves other actors to create within these plays are deep and open to interpretation. The Performance of Heartbreak and Other Plays is the introduction of an exciting new voice in American theater.

This title is signed by the author and hand-numbered.

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