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With experience in emergency medicine, nuclear power and with the military, as well as his travels throughout the world, author J. A. Davis offers frightening, real-world perspectives in his writing, bringing scenarios alive with realism. His first novel Crisis: Blue was released in 2016 by Rare Bird Books. This is is second novel.

Books by J.A. Davis

In one short but fateful day, former Navy Seal Dr. Rex Bent has gone from dedicated emergency room physician to the most hunted man on the planet. After stumbling onto the world’s biggest terrorist plot, as told in Crisis: Blue, Dr. Bent is framed by extremists, with no small amount of help from the media and inept politicians. Now every fanatic on the planet―from Iranian operatives to North Korean restaurateurs to an FBI agent with tunnel vision and blood lust―wants Rex dead.

With his beautiful, yet deadly, wife, Trissy, and a sassy, swamp-bred Cajun sidekick he picked up while stealing a helicopter, Rex must elude capture by the good guys and the bad guys so he can expose the real threat to America before it’s too late.

Part thrill-a-minute adventure tale and part satiric look at what a dystopian America could look like after years of feckless government and military spending cuts, Crisis: Black will delight readers of Tom Clancy, Jack Higgins, and Clive Cussler.

Author: californiacoldblood_f235xu

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